Our wines

14 wines to discover and grape juice for children !

AOC Touraine and Touraine Chenonceaux  

140 years of history in our vineyards and in wine!

Since the beginning of the estate, we sell our wines directly to customers : we do like to share our passion and make you discover our wines !

Dry and semi-dry white , pink dry and semi-dry, light red and richer , Fine white and rosé bubbles. Our specialty is to have wine for everybody !

The diversity of Touraine wines

During your tasting, you will discover all the mysteries of the Loire Valley and Touraine. Indeed our region is rich of a great diversity of wines and we will be pleased to explain this to you during your visit in our field.

The map below shows the WEST-EAST distribution of the Loire valley

  • At the West, the oceanic influence is strong and allows the Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc to get mature (the two main grape varieties of the Loire Valley).
  • At the East, the climate is more continental (that is, the days are warmer and the nights cooler) and it likes Sauvignon and Gamay
  • In addition to these traditional grape varieties of the Loire Valley, we have the grape variety "Côt" which is a cousin of the Malbec. We have this grape variety from the south because François 1st brought him to Touraine to have it at will when he was at the Chateau d'Amboise.