Chenin liquoreux “Sylvine” (50 cl)

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Grape variety: Chenin Blanc
Its name was chosen in honor of the wife of Auguste, Sylvine.
It is at the end of October that we return to our vines to harvest the last completely overmature grapes of Chenin Blanc. These late harvests reward us for a very rich and sweet wine.
Recommended foods: Dessert, Foie Gras
Tasting temperature: 8 ° C (= 46 °F)
Aging potential: 10 years

Delivery from 6 bottles in France and 24 bottles in Germany

Category Our white wines


Sweet wines

Since we understand everything in the mechanism of alcoholic fermentation , how can we explain that sweet wines still have as much alcohol but even more sugar?
The answer is simple: the date of harvest! The longer we leave the vines to feed our grapes, the higher the sugar concentrations will be and the more the residual sugar in the final wine will be!

If we wait long enough, the grapes begin to lose water: therefore the concentrations increase even more! With a fine weather we can make late harvests at the end of October and get very sweet wines.

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