The story of the GODEAU : a family of winemakers

Our ancestor, Auguste, settled here 145 years ago and began to dig the tuffeau (limestone), under the hill bearing his vines.

While the largest cellar was used for wine production, the others housed cows, horses and pigs. As for the extracted stones, they were used to build the house and the farm.

6 generations of our family have passed on the passion of our terroir and wines in these cellars.

Today, the estate represents 45 hectares of vines which are over the hillsides linking the villages of Civray de Touraine and Chenonceaux.

Also, from the outside of the Château de Chenonceau, you will be able to notice our work since we have also been taking care of the castle’s vineyard since 2008.

In this long history, we will have the pleasure of presenting our work to you and making you discover our region differently.

Photo of the harvest 1938, emblem of our domain.
Alain, Christine, Joël and Adrien GODEAU, representing the 5th and 6th generation, carry on the family tradition.