The domaine

Discover our job in full (July and August only)

During the summer, on Wednesdays, we welcome you during a morning through our vineyard to discover the full job of making wine followed by a visit of cellar and tastings of AOC Touraine and Touraine wines Chenonceaux.

Wednesday morning, departure at 9:30 am

Duration: 2h30

Price: 5 € with reservation, 6 € without reservation ( all included: vine + cellar + tasting)

Caves du Père Auguste


The history of the Godeau: 6 generations of winemakers

More than a century ago, our ancestor "The father Auguste" dug the limestone, under the hill with his vineyard, to make his wine in privacy.

While the first and biggest cellar was devoted to the winemaking, the others were used for the cows, horses and pigs. This small farm and the house were enterely built with the extracted rocks. In these cellars, for six generations, the family’s passion for winegrowing has been handed down from father to son.

With a total of 45 hectares, our vines span over the entire hill between the town of Civray de Touraine and Chenonceaux. Also, you can see the first part of the vineyard near the entrance of the castle of Chenonceau given that we run their vineyard since 2008.

Alain, Joël et Christine GODEAU, brothers and sister members of the fifth generation, carry on the family tradition. In this decor, we are pleased to introduce our unique profession and make you discover our region otherwise.


Caves du Père Auguste Auguste moved to Civray-de-Touraine in 1875.

Caves du Père Auguste Photo of the harvest 1938, emblem of our domain.

Alain, Christine, Joël and Adrien GODEAU, representing the 5th and 6th generation, carry on the family tradition.

Visit of cellar and tasting of AOC Touraine & AOC Touraine-Chenonceaux wines

cave touristique vignoble de loire

With family, friends, weekend of festivity or discovery, you will be welcome in our cellars to share our passion: wine! 

In the freshness of the stone, travel in Touraine around a RoséWhiteRed and Sparkling wine.

Below 10 people, no need to book. Check out our schedule on our contact page.

More information about winetasting on the winetasting page.

We speak German and English for a better exchange on our tradition of winemakers.

Do not hesitate to have lunch on site by enjoying our picnic tables a glass of fresh rosé by hand while your children have fun on the playground !

You can also stay on site: with your motorhome or in our guest house or bed and breakfast.