Touraine Chenonceaux Red

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Brilliant and clear color. Young color, dark purple with purple undertones. The nose is intense and precise with a pure fruity base. Mixed: notes of raspberry, blueberry and plum. Some toasted aromas as well.
The palate appears very tender on attack: marked sweetness and fruitiness. The volume is in balance with a long and fine tannin structure. Beautiful fruity length on the palate.

Grape varieties: Côt and Cabernet Franc (Old vines blend)
Vintage: 2022
Recommended dishes: Meats in sauce, coq au vin
Tasting temperature: 17°C
Aging potential: 3-6 years

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Malolactic fermentation

The main winemaking operation is alcoholic fermentation. For red wines, when this is finished and the yeasts die, bacteria take over and consume the malic acid in the wine to transform it into lactic acid.

This results in a reduction in acidity, stabilization and softening of the wine.

> Temperatures, a key factor in winemaking

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