Chenin 1/2 sec “Damoiselle”

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Grape variety: Chenin Blanc
Natural semi-sweet wine, it offers a great balance between the acidity of the Chenin Blanc grape and the residual sugar of the alcoholic fermentation. Turns out it is a very nice wine for aperitif and for dessert
Recommended foods: Fish in sauce, cold meats, exotic cuisine, sugary / savory dishes, and desserts (fruit tarts)
Tasting temperature: 7 ° C (= 45°F)
Aging potential: < 5 years

Delivery from 6 bottles in France and 24 bottles in Germany

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How do you make a semi-dry wine?

First of all : A grape is a fruit, and a very sweet one ! Once harvested, pressed and put in vats, the juice begins to ferment quickly: the natural yeasts begin to eat the sugar and transform it into alcohol: it is the alcoholic fermentation!
With a little patience, they will eat all the sugar and the final wine will be dry!

To obtain a sweet wine, it is about timing : before the end of the fermentation, the temperature of the tank is lowered around 4 ° C, so the yeasts die and the wine will retain natural residual sugars which will make it semi-dry or sweet.

> Still more sweet but so much alcohol?

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Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, please consume in moderation.

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