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Dry white
Grape variety: Sauvignon Blanc
Very fruity, this dry wine shows a nice vivacity making outstanding as aperitif and it will express its full potential with fish and shellfish.
Recommended foods: Grilled fish, crustaceans, seafood, Aperitif
Tasting temperature: 7 ° C (= 45°F)
Aging potential: < 3 years

Delivery from 6 bottles in France and 24 bottles in Germany

Category Our white wines


Manual or mechanical harvest?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages … By harvesting by hand we have of course the big advantage of selecting the grapes from the vines and being able to carry them carefully to the winemaking cellar: Not a single leaf, No immature cluster will go in the wine!

On the other hand, the final quality of the wine varies greatly according to the time of harvest but also on the hour of harvest! Thanks to the machine, we can quickly harvest the Sauvignon when they are perfectly ripe and also during the night in order to capture certain aromas that disappear as soon as the sun rises…

> Mature grapes OK, now the wine!

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Le Touraine Primeur 2020 est arrivé !!!

Le magasin reste ouvert pendant le confinement et pour retrouver la convivialité des fêtes du Primeur : 1 pot de rillettes de Tours offert pour 12 bouteilles de Touraine Primeur achetées.

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